Washing Window

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Finally, you can cross window cleaning off your to-do list!

It's one of those things that you know you need to do but just never get around to. 


But why stop there?  Why not the whole house?

"Dust mites, pet dander and mold lurk in physical possessions, which can trigger allergic reactions, decrease air quality and increase potential asthma problems", says Dr. Uma Gavani, an allergy and asthma specialist on staff at Christ Medical Center.


Have you ever walked around in your socks and been shocked by the debris stuck to them?


After a visit from Davis Cleaning your home will pass the sock test with flying colors!


"Since I mop my floors regularly I didn't think they would get much cleaner, but after Davis Cleaning left I couldn't believe how much better they looked!", says Emily from Rogersville.

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